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Did you Know?  Recycled cartridges are from 30 to 60 percent less expensive on a cost per copy basis Keep in mind.. Purchasing remanufactured toner and recycling the empties are two ways to create jobs and strengthen the local economy
Each year, millions of empty toner and inkjet cartridges used in laser printers, fax machines, and copiers are thrown in the trash, destined for landfills and incinerators. Buying locally remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges — and recycling empty cartridges is an easy way for government agencies and public institutions to reduce the environmental impact of these discarded products, while also saving substantial amounts of tax acquired funds for the local economy. Advantages of Using Remanufactured Cartridges Remanufacturers inspect empty cartridges for damage and then repair or replace broken parts, thoroughly clean the reusable components, and refill the cartridge with new toner. Using remanufactured cartridges has significant economic and environmental advantages: Remanufactured cartridges save energy. Approximately three litres of oil are burned in the production of a single new toner cartridge. A used cartridge can be remanufactured up to four times, depending on type and condition, saving up to three litres of fuel each time. Remanufacturing minimizes waste.  
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